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English (Prof. Darr)

EbscoHost Database

1. EBSCOhost Database - Academic Search Premier

Access the EBSCOHost Database from the LAMC Database page. Once you select the EBSCOHost Database you will be taken to the homepage. 

  • To start the search type the title of your short story or poem
  • Place quotation marks around the title of your short story or poem

2. Results Page

The search retrieved 124 results. I am going to narrow my search by adding the author's name on the second search box. Please not, sometimes this may not be necessary depending on your initial search. 

  • On the second box type the author's name

3. Narrow the Search

Once you typed the author's name click on the search button. We have now retrieved 65 entries for Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

  • Feel free to review the results, but you may need to narrow your results even more.

4. Selecting Journal Articles

Some of the sources may not apply to your topic, you can further narrow your results to find sources appropriate for your topic. For example, a newspaper article on "The Tell-Tale Heart" will not have literary criticism on the story instead but an Academic Journal may contain literary criticism on the story.

  • To change your sources, scroll to the lower  left hand side, find the heading "Source Types"
  • You can select a variety of different source types, such as magazines, newspapers or journal articles
  • Since I am not interested in reading newspaper or magazine articles I will select "Journal Articles"
  • Once you select Journal Articles your results will go down to 6 results


  • You can review your results by reading the titles of the articles. Feel free to peruse and select an article of interest.
  • To select a source, click on the title of the article highlighted in blue

5. Selecting a Source

Once you selected a source, the next page will generate the record of the article. Such as the image below.

  • On this page you can read a brief abstract of the article which is a summary of the article.
  • On the right-hand side the database provides Tools to help you save, email, download or print the article.
  • There is also a handy citation tool to help you cite the article.
  • Finally the article can be found on the left hand side, on the PDF Full Text icon
  • Click on the PDF Full Text icon and the article will appear.


6. Viewing the Article

Once you clicked on the PDF Full Text the article should load and you will be able to read the article. The Tools bar is still located on the right hand side in case you need to save, email, download, print or cite your article.

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